Moose reborn, legendary doomlord

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Moose reborn, legendary doomlord

Post by Noze on Tue Sep 27, 2016 8:59 am

Player info

Name (and char name): Alexander (Moose)
Age: 20
Gender: Manly man
Where do/are you live/from: Umeå, swe

Character information

Battlenet ID: Moose#something, u got me on realid
Class: Mage
Spec (MS/OS) why did you take this spec?:
Fire ms, op and fun stuff, arcane os because it will eventually be more op as usual
What professions do you have. And why?:
engineering because of nitro boost and goblin glider. enchanting to make moneys and cheaper enchants
Armory link:
Equipped ILVL: shitty 795 but it will rise quickly
Wowprogress link:
Alts, usefull? how?:
super good tank

Do you want to join as a social member or a raider? raider, when i get my gear going

If you are applying as a Raider (do not skip this part):

We are currently raiding 3 times a week, Wednesday, Thursdays and Mondays from 20.00 to 23.00. How many of those raids are you able to attend?
all of them

If you are not able to attend all raids, what is holding you back?
Lie, relatives birthdays, funerals and stuff, i dont do gym stuff

Some weeks we might throw in an extra raid on tuesday for a clear or an important killl, how do you feel about this?
more loot for moose

Since we will be focused on Mythicraiding, we will strive to have a raidcore consisting of 23-25 players, this will mean people will have to sit out encounters. Are you able to understand and accept this fact?

During progress we will in most cases go with the group that has the biggest chance of killing the boss, this could possibly mean that you are sat out for certain progression fights. What would be your reaction?
i'll probably just go for some chips and watch netflix instead if i get benched

What is your reaction if we fail to get a raidgroup going on a raidday?
see previous answer

What do you feel about wiping. Please describe why you feel like that?
Neutral, learn from the mistakes we make

Are you able to use Teamspeak 3 (talking not required, but preffered)?

Link a screenshot of your raiding UI:
I'm at work right now, can provide later

If you are applying as a social member(also applies for applicants towards raiders):

How did you hear about us and why do you want to join Kittens Ltd.?
Please remember me, I was raiding with u for like 2 years Sad

Do you know anyone currently playing within our guild? if so, who? Do they recommend you?
Everyone recommends me, especially Chane

What do you feel you can contribute to the guild as a player and as a person?
Moose stuff and fun times (no homo)

What are you like as a person?
Professional without added sugar and salt

Would you say you are easily offended?
No man

Guild history

Previous guild(s) and what positon were you in, did you have any mandate as that position, if so what?: Kittens LTD > Resurgence, left because the guild died mid progression
Angels of Ares (current), leaving because I want to raid with old kittens again and some members in AoA are c*nts

Why did you get kicked/leave/want to leave? ^

Previous raiding experience - what class did you play during that time?
MoP - Balance druid
WoD - Mage
Legion - Started with Prot Pala, now gearing Mage

Wich expansion did you enjoy the most, and why?
MoP - Because Kittens LTD


Fun facts!

Name your 3 best songs and artist, right now:
Creedence - Cotton Fields
Metallica - Metal Militia
Bitch Bois - Barbaranne

Other games you play:
Not much, maybe battlefield 1 when it comes out

Tell us about yourself: (work? going to church? sports? anything you think we should know? theese question are examples)
Wörk - Bredbandsexperten
Not in to sports at all
Everybody hates me for unknown reasons, especially Chane

If i did this template i would add the following question:
"Are you going to leave the guild in the upcoming 6 months?"

Best youtube video and/or best picture on the internet (this does not have to be a lolcat):
Probably "Gabe the barking dog"

And finally, post your favorite lolcat!
idk, can provide later when my boss isnt nosing around

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Re: Moose reborn, legendary doomlord

Post by Chane on Tue Sep 27, 2016 12:21 pm

Cool application bro

Officer Bro
Officer Bro

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