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Post by Dakker on Fri Mar 06, 2015 10:40 pm

Player info

Name (and char name):Jari Reiman Dakker
Gender: Male
Where do/are you live/from: Finland, Vaasa current residence originally from Tampere

Character information

Battlenet ID:Zen#2749
Spec (MS/OS) why did you take this spec?:Arcane/fire arcane should be most dps and fire is funny
What professions do you have. And why?: tailoring and enchanting so i can enchant things on the go and look fabulous doing it
Armory link:http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/sunstrider/Dakker/
Equipped ILVL 608
Wowprogress link:http://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/sunstrider/dakker
Alts, usefull? how?:many alts willing to play them ^^ going to level my druid next and going to gear it up in rf/pugs as best i can (same that im gonna do on mage)

Do you want to join as a social member or a raider? eventually raider when my gear is good enough

If you are applying as a Raider (do not skip this part):

We are currently raiding 3 times a week, Wednesday, Thursdays and Mondays from 20.00 to 23.00. How many of those raids are you able to attend? should be able to attend all

If you are not able to attend all raids, what is holding you back? girlfriend

Some weeks we might throw in an extra raid on tuesday for a clear or an important killl, how do you feel about this? definately likey

Since we will be focused on Mythicraiding, we will strive to have a raidcore consisting of 23-25 players, this will mean people will have to sit out encounters. Are you able to understand and accept this fact? yep i got used to waiting entire raids on call if i was needed (raid leaders of the past have had my contact info phone/email/skype/hangouts)

During progress we will in most cases go with the group that has the biggest chance of killing the boss, this could possibly mean that you are sat out for certain progression fights. What would be your reaction? *go team go team go* *wave pompoms*

What is your reaction if we fail to get a raidgroup going on a raidday? meh shit happens maybe time to do dishes

What do you feel about wiping. Please describe why you feel like that? wiping is important wiping is good nothing is more satisfying than wiping for hours on same boss and then get the kill on the last pull of the night

Are you able to use Teamspeak 3 (talking not required, but preffered)?yep

Link a screenshot of your raiding UI:http://postimg.org/image/aem60yadh/ groups come on the left warnings come above character radar below character

If you are applying as a social member(also applies for applicants towards raiders):

How did you hear about us and why do you want to join Kittens Ltd.? i heard from trade chat and i want to join because i love kittens !

Do you know anyone currently playing within our guild? if so, who? Do they recommend you? don't think i do

What do you feel you can contribute to the guild as a player and as a person? i have years of experience from raiding as a player and as a person i can contribute good/bad humour dedication and determination

What are you like as a person? fun relaxed easygoing guy who generally gets along with everyone and everything apart from my lamp..that thing has it out for me..

Would you say you are easily offended? No.

Guild history

Previous guild(s) and what positon were you in, did you have any mandate as that position, if so what?: Frontier rogue class leader, raid leader. had to make sure new rogues were up to scruff and later on i lead raids we played 'till end of AQ40 then the guild started disbanding and most of us including me took a break from playing, in tbc i joined night breed (dont remember much) i believe i lead some raids but tbc was a pretty turbulent time irl for me so i probably did the least raiding at this time and i dont remember much of it, in wotlk i was in invictus i was an officer there and i dont remember exactly what i was in charge of, i stopped playing after icc cleared and had some rl issues during cata i was in placebo started playing my druid as main mostly healing occasional tanking and sometimes boomkin/feral i was just a raider there didn't want to do anything else stuck to this all through cata then mop came i rolled monk guild migrated iirc played 'till it was pretty near SoO release and due to irl issues i stopped playing for a long while then i played a lil while with some buddies in elude 'till i just called it quits 'till a week ago and i made my mage and started thinking i would like a semi-casual raiding role

Why did you get kicked/leave/want to leave? guilds mostly disbanded during ends of xpacs i might've forgotten some guilds from there but either i had irl things that made me stop playing and when i came back guild either full social or disbanded or everyone just slowly stopped playing

Previous raiding experience - what class did you play during that time?rogue molten core ZF bwl aq 20/40 then tbc kara ssc tempest keep i dont think i did hyjal or black temple wotlk everything non-heroic don't remember what in heroic cata i raided as druid i think i started raiding actively during firelands...atleast firelands i remember most clearly firelands and dragon soul on heroic i've done atleast then mop on monk i have mogu'shan, HoF terrace and throne of thunder ahead of the curve's and will of the emperor cutting edge and sometime before we started doing ToT hc i believe irl issues came in and i didn't actively raid anymore

Wich expansion did you enjoy the most, and why? dunno i've liked them all mostly


Fun facts!

Name your 3 best songs and artist, right now: ffdp helloween rob zombie as artists songs..coming down from ffdp, radioactive from imagine dragons and lets say the pride from ffdp

Other games you play:hearthstone, league of legends mostly, then some xbone/ old pc games

Tell us about yourself: (work? going to church? sports? anything you think we should know? theese question are examples) i've done mma in the past for a year before i injured myself playing tennis (right shoulder cartillage ring is damaged) when its cleared i'll start doing mma again i run nearly daily and do some calisthenics to keep in shape i have 3 cats a dog and a gf in the house so fun things occur in ts

http://postimg.org/image/t5p07hbb1/ there a picture of one of my cats ^^ i'd post all 3 but i can't find my tablet


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