Kalygos Mage Application

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Kalygos Mage Application

Post by Kalygos on Tue Jan 13, 2015 2:21 pm

Personal Info

My Name: Marcus Petersen
Char Name:Kalygos (yes it's taken from the dragon Neutral )

Char Info

Spec:Frost (want to be fire be it's impposible to get decent dps without the gear)
My choice of spec:Ive always liked the elemental specs for classes such: mage,Shaman, It brings out a little bit of childish joy when you smash an ice shard into some1's face. Frost also does dmg so there...you got the practical reason.
Profs:Enchanting and JC for self sustained upgrading of gear.
Ilvl:656 (been slightly unlucky with loot drops. Had to rely on caches and bonus rolls to get me by.)
Alts:Currently does not have alts on this server as IRL stuff has made me focus on 1 char. Instead of several which i don't have time for.

Social or Raider?: Raider 100%. I wouldn't mind having to drag myself through HC and Normal to get my gear to par. I just wanna see some more progress than my current guild has to offer.

Wipes: Patience is key.

TS3: Already use it. I have mic.

Fail to get a raid going:As long as it does not happend all too often i would feel it is alright.

UI: I really dislike saying this but i feel comfitable using the Original UI and Just dragging health bars near the action bar, Using DBM and Recount. Could link but it would be too much hassle as it is not too much different from the original.

Sitting out:Sure as long as it could be told to me BEFORE the raid starts instead of waiting and hoping for an invite not comming.


Additional info(private): I will be able to make raid times as often as possible. Some Thursdays will be hard to reach as my Kenpo Karate lessons are late Thursdays(i will try to reschedule them as often as possible). The reason i play a ranged class is mainly my eye-sight being slightly poor due to an illness called cataract at a young age, it has left me ill sighted and i tend to get confused in the Melee cluster. I feel comfitable as a range, i have overview and my eyesight doesn't cause problems.

If it's on a tuesday? I can but i need to know beforehand.

How i noticed you? On the forums, while i was looking for a raiding guild.

My current Guild:Fussion, I would imagine they could recommend me, as of yet i haven't told them i were leaving as im still just searching for options and hoping they could get more serious.

Contribution/previous guild contribution:Cheerful, talkative. I like to make remarks, point out funny things and having a laugh. I do so in some would call it a rather immature way but i do it in moderation. I can be serious if needed. My rank in my current guild speaks is clearly gained through my talkative and outspoken nature.

Offended easily?Plain no. Unless you start talking shit about my mom then it's "1v1 me brah" tongue (i suck at pvp so i would most likely lose)

Current Guild position: Officer, Head Of Class: Mage. I have influence in ideas about improving the guild, i help other mages etc.

Cata,Wrath:In wrath i played a Human tank on another account. Downed 25hc LK and all the tiers before that. Cata i played Resto druid and went up to halfway through DS hc.

Fav Expansion: Wrath....i had most of my IRL friends to play with in wrath...now they all gone  Sad

FUN STUFFS (YAY  :I THINK I THINK I THINK LOL SUCKS! SUCKS! SUCKS!!:(did you add this to see if i checked with preview....CAUSE THIS CRACKS ME UP XD. Nice one!))

Music:I never stay with one music genre for long, i shift around currently, nightcore stuff and parodies like: weird al. etc.

Other games: I just spent 9 days playing Dragon age:inquistion from start to finish...DOES THAT ANSWER YOU QUESTION!!?!?!...i might have gone alittle bit crazy from that.

Sports, School: Im currently in my 3rd year of highschool (busy busy) Doing homework etc. Other than that i have volunteer work to help immigrants in denmark with guess what??? MORE HOMEWORK. I also have my kenpo which i mentioned before, i find it enjoyable and there is nothing better than seeing your opponent falling to the floor! Twisted Evil

If i did this Template: I would add, "do you actively follow raid progression and/or mmo champion for updates?" (just as an idea, it gives a good insight to how much the player keeps them selves updated).

Fav Youtube: Is it now i pull out Rebecca Black Friday? other than that, This BRIALLIANT video is godlike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

lolwhatnow?.....JUST KIDDING::


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Re: Kalygos Mage Application

Post by Ihaskitten on Tue Jan 13, 2015 4:55 pm

Hai thar Marcus.

First off thank you for your application. We have not yet had the opportunity to discuss this (or any other) application fully yet, and as such no final decision has been made.

However, as Blizzard has been kind enough to introduce flex-mode Heroics we thought we'd use this fact to get to see you in action. We will be doing a heroic clear tomorrow (wednesday) starting at 20.00 and we'd like you to be there.

I will be adding you on bnet and if you are avaliable it would be great if you could join us, it would give us another parameter of which we can judge potential members. Invites will be going out at about 19.45.

Hopefully we'll see you then.
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Re: Kalygos Mage Application

Post by Uhaskitten on Thu Jan 15, 2015 1:12 pm

Hello there Marcus!

We have had a discussion about your application and with the current amount of mages in the guild we just can't fit another one, hence we cannot accept you into the guild at this point.

We wish you the best of luck with any future guild applications that you might do and we greatly appreciate that you joined our raid yesterday. Hopefully you had a good time.

Kind Regards

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Re: Kalygos Mage Application

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