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WWmonk Jackychen

Post by hisuka13 on Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:23 pm

Player info

Name (and char name): Glenn van Mierlo AKA Jackychen
Where do/are you live/from: the Netherlands

Character information
I play a Pandaren Windwalker monk because i think the monk class is a cool concept.

Battlenet ID: j_vanmierlo@hotmail.com (I play under my brothers name cause i had quit on my account a while back and he had an active second account. I never activated my old 1 again.)
Spec (MS/OS) why did you take this spec?:
My MS is Windwalker and OS is Mistweaver, i took Windwalker as my main spec cause i like to dps and strive to be number 1 on the charts (even with the nerfs  tongue ) and mistweaver cause i raided as a mistweaver for a short time in MoP.

What professions do you have. And why?:
I have skinning and leatherworking cause i wanted to craft gear for myself and make the mount. I usually don't take proffesions.

Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Jackychen/simple

Equipped ILVL: 661
Wowprogress link: http://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/emerald-dream/Jackychen
Alts, usefull? how?: i have alot of alts, not really usefull as they are on Emerald dream and i usually stick with 1 raiding char.

Do you want to join as a social member or a raider?
I would like to join as a raider.
We are currently raiding 3 times a week, Wednesday, Thursdays and Mondays from 20.00 to 23.00. How many of those raids are you able to attend?
I am currently able to attend all the afore mentioned day's.

If you are not able to attend all raids, what is holding you back?
Likely when i find a job the hours might mess up my ability to attend the raiding day's.

Some weeks we might throw in an extra raid on tuesday for a clear or an important killl, how do you feel about this?
I like this, i don't like to leave a raid unfinished if it could be finished with an extra day.

Since we will be focused on Mythicraiding, we will strive to have a raidcore consisting of 23-25 players, this will mean people will have to sit out encounters. Are you able to understand and accept this fact?
Sure, some classes are better on certain fights. Gotta make the best out of what u can get.

During progress we will in most cases go with the group that has the biggest chance of killing the boss, this could possibly mean that you are sat out for certain progression fights. What would be your reaction?
I'd be oke with this, i'll just play on a alt or go do something else, and if im needed by any chance i'll log in on my monk.

What is your reaction if we fail to get a raidgroup going on a raidday?
Sad, but if it can't be helped im oke with that. Shit happens.

What do you feel about wiping. Please describe why you feel like that?
I don't mind wiping aslong as we learn something from it.

Are you able to use Teamspeak 3 (talking not required, but preffered)?
I am able to use Teamspeak, altough my current living situation prohibits me from speaking.

Link a screenshot of your raiding UI:

How did you hear about us and why do you want to join Kittens Ltd.?
I heard about Kittens Ltd. from my friend (Quanter) and i want to join because i want to raid HC/Mythic and believe this is the guild i should do this with.

Do you know anyone currently playing within our guild? if so, who? Do they recommend you?
I know Quanter, he told me about how the guild was recruiting and asked me to apply, so i geuss he recommends me.

What do you feel you can contribute to the guild as a player and as a person?
Dedication and a good time (not in a prostitute way)

What are you like as a person?
I can be a serious and dedicated raider but i can also be a joker that likes to lighten the mood and have fun in general.

Would you say you are easily offended?
No, not at all.
Guild history

Previous guild(s) and what positon were you in, did you have any mandate as that position, if so what?:
In this expansion i've been in 2 guilds so far, Salt 'N Vinegar where i was a raider and Valhalla where i just joined in so don't really have a position in that yet.

Why did you get kicked/leave/want to leave?
I left Salt 'N Vinegar cause they were stuck on normal ko'ragh for a long time without anyone feeling the need to improve themself. Kinda got tired of that since i want to raid HC/Mythic. So i told an officer i was thinking about leaving to join a more serious raiding guild. So i left not long ago. The reason why i could see myself leave Valhalla is that Quanter told me a spot might open up here and i liked raiding with him. And if there is no room i have no reason of leaving.

Previous raiding experience - what class did you play during that time?
BC: Druid
Wotlk: Everything (and i mean i raided with every class)
Cataclysm: Raided HC untill firelands as a druid, after that i swapped guilds and realm to raid with my brother and some friends as a paladin/rogue
Mop: Shaman/Monk
Wod: Monk

Wich expansion did you enjoy the most, and why?
Wotlk: Cause all my friends played at the time and we had a lot of fun. After that i really liked Firelands so i geuss Cataclysm second.

Fun facts!

Name your 3 best songs and artist, right now:
Falconshield-This is war part 3 Volume 2
James Blunt-When i find love

Other games you play:
Destiny, League of Legends, Dota (on occasion), Smite (on occasion) Guild wars 2 (on occasion) Infamous series, Dragon age: Inquisition, Farcry 3, Lichdom:Battlemage, Lords of the Fallen, Payday2, Enslaved:Oddysey to the West.
(these are the games i play ATM when i don't feel like playing WoW.

Tell us about yourself: (work? going to church? sports? anything you think we should know? these question are examples)
I'm searching for a job so i can live on my own. So far no decent jobs that make me able to afford that. Hobbies are ofc gaming and i enjoy watching twitch and seeing movies/series.
I'm also allergic to balloons so in-game don't summon any balloons.

If i did this template i would add the following question: Do i own any animals/cats?
The amount of animals that live in this house are so much i could actually make a living as a zookeeper.

Best youtube video and/or best picture on the internet (this does not have to be a lolcat):
I don't really have a favorite, i watch alot of let's play's from "Achievement Hunter" and they are all hilarious.

And finally, post your favorite lolcat!

This 1 cause my cats do this all the time...

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Re: WWmonk Jackychen

Post by Quanter on Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:38 pm

hisuka13 wrote:What do you feel you can contribute to the guild as a player and as a person?
Dedication and a good time (not in a prostitute way)


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Re: WWmonk Jackychen

Post by Ihaskitten on Tue Jan 13, 2015 4:55 pm

Hello Mr Glenn.

First off thank you for your application. We have not yet had the opportunity to discuss this (or any other) application fully yet, and as such no final decision has been made.

However, as Blizzard has been kind enough to introduce flex-mode Heroics we thought we'd use this fact to get to see you in action. We will be doing a heroic clear tomorrow (wednesday) starting at 20.00 and we'd like you to be there.

I will be adding you on bnet and if you are avaliable it would be great if you could join us, it would give us another parameter of which we can judge potential members. Invites will be going out at about 19.45.

Hopefully we'll see you then.
Officer Bro
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Re: WWmonk Jackychen

Post by hisuka13 on Tue Jan 13, 2015 5:07 pm

Hello Mr Ihas,

Thank you for your fast reply, i'll see you tomarrow at 20.00


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Re: WWmonk Jackychen

Post by Uhaskitten on Thu Jan 15, 2015 1:23 pm

Hello there Glenn

We have now had the time to discuss your application and we greatly appreciate you coming to the raid that we did yesterday. It helps us in our decision that we get to see you act in a raid environment. I hope the raid was not to unpleasant for you and that you enjoyed your time Smile.

With this said we'd like to welcome you to the guild. You can whisper any of the officers online in the guild for a ginvite (Shehaskitten, Ihaskitten, Chane or Crowz). If no one of the officers are online feel free to whisper anyone in the guild and they can direct you to the closest officer alt for an invite. Whit this message you should have the necessary forum access aswell. Feel free to read up on the forums.

Kind regards

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Re: WWmonk Jackychen

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